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Remote Access Protection


bSafe anti-scam is a new, unique layer of protection, unlike Antivirus and Malware tools, we block remote access to protect you.

Protect Your Valuable Documents & Pictures

Remote access scams have increased by 184% compared to last year.

New Defensive Layer

Keep scammers out of your PC. Detect and stop threats in real-time.

Compliments Antivirus

bSafe adds to the protection of your existing antivirus & malware.

Safeguard Your Data

Protect your computer from scammers attempting to steal your data.

Peace of Mind

You won’t be fooled or fall victim to remote scams.

Why bSafe anti-scam?

See why people use bSafe anti-scam.


Rise in remote access/computer takeover scams.


Stolen by remote access since 2020.


55+ Age is the primary target for scammers.


14-day money-back guarantee.

Real Human Reviews

We’re proud of our work. Customer reviews are an essential part of our business. Real reviews help us to understand how our customers feel about our products and services.

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Computer Takeover Scams On The Rise

“Remote access scams are one of the largest growing scam types in Australia. Scammers take advantage of the digital world and the fear of fraud and cybercrime to access people’s devices and steal their money,”

– ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard.

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