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We are a group of people that passionate about cyber security. We’ve created an entirely new industry revolving around anti-scamming. We’re laser-focused on improving the safety of everyday computer users.

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Our Dynamic Team

Meet the team behind bSafe anti-scam

We’re an agile team of passionate talent focused on improving the security of every day computer users.

Colin B

CEO & Founder

Hales S


Janak D

Lead Developer

Silvia J

Operations Manager

Our History

Before we created bSafe anti-scam, we have had the gut-wrenching experience of being remotely accessed.

Our passwords were stolen from a hacked website and a scammer was able to hijack our desktop systems using the popular TeamViewer application.

We didn’t do anything particularly wrong.

By the time we realised they had been on the computer for over 40 minutes checking for saved passwords. They had opened banking websites, PayPal, email sites, our documents and pictures folders. We literally have no idea how much data they stole.

The cost to recovery was huge, all of our systems had to be wiped clean and checked over with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there were no backdoor entrances created for them to get back in.

We had to start from scratch including new credit cards and alerting the bank, PayPal etc. as well as changing every single password we could remember. An absolute nightmare and very costly.

Dramatic Results

We learnt a lot from being the victims of a remote access scam.

Without that experience bSafe anti-scam may never have come into existence and for that we’re grateful.

We’ve had the pleasure of being able to help many people to prevent similar scams.

We love being contacted by our customers letting us know that our software stopped a remote access attempt, the customer wasn’t sure if they were doing the right thing and bSafe confirmed their suspicion.

Our roadmap is already set out for the next 10 years we want to prevent 1 million remote access scams. We’re already planning new tools and solutions to support in other types of scams, not just remote access.

I’m scammed almost every day. Or, if not scammed, at the very least someone tries to scam me. Usually more than once a day. – James Altucher

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to know a little more about our system you’re in the right place.

What devices does bSafe work on?

bSafe anti-scam currently supports computers running Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11. We intend to explore and build tools for other devices such as tablets and mobile phones running macOS and iOS/Android.

Does bSafe Affect My Privacy?

We value your privacy as such we do not attempt to identify your machine or record anything that happens on your computer. We focus on detecting real-time threats and nothing else.

Do You Collect Usage Data?

We do not track usage data, we monitor the applications currently operating on the system and if they are known to be used by scammers we immediately stop the application and give the end-user feedback.

What's Your Approach To Data Mining?

We do not data mine, we are not interested in what other things you use your computer for we simply want to prevent people from remotely accessing your computer and putting you at risk.

What Remote Access Do You Block?

We block free and readily available remote desktop applications. For example, Citrix is a company offering remote desktops however it is not free and readily available. This corporate-level software is often cost-prohibitive and heavily tracked making it difficult for criminals to use and “get away with it”.

What's An Example Of Remote Access Software?

Here’s an example of the kind of software we block.

  • AnyDesk
  • ConnectWise
  • GoToAssist
  • LogMeIn
  • RemotePC
  • TeamViewer

And many more…

Do You Stop All Scams?

Currently, we focus on remote desktop/access/control scams. In the future we intend to build tools to help fight all kinds of scams.

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